Looking for someone to “get you into gear” and give you a swift kick in the booty and make you do the things you know you need to do but are just too lazy to ever actually do?

Ummm… that sounds terrible. And that is totally not me. And can you please stop calling yourself lazy already?

I have a better idea.

Yes, let’s get your clothes fitting like a glove (in a good way). Yes, let’s get you motivated to make better decisions (and stick with it).

But let’s do it like this:

  • By creating such a ridiculously fantastic life for yourself, that Oreos and potato chips seem really, really boring in comparison.
  • By investing in yourself (instead of everyone else) for a change.
  • By creating an action plan that is fun, adventurous, totally doable and feels like YOU.
  • By focusing on what you LOVE to do and making it work for you instead of beating yourself up.

You’ll discover the yummier things in life besides food. You’ll be lit up in ways you’ve only imagined, which is key because I promise you that the world is dying for more of your light.

speaking You know those little whispers you hear in your head sometimes that tell you to do and accomplish crazy/fun/irrational things? Well, with me, you’re going to start listening. Because not listening to those little whispers is holding you back, babe. It’s also making you eat all the cookie dough.

You’ll take charge of your life & unleash the hot, confident, capable woman within.

And you’ll see that it doesn’t have to feel like you’re giving up anything that you love.

This time will be Different.

Tired of getting the same advice, but it making no difference?

You know what you need to do; heck, you could probably write a book on nutrition. “Kale is good. Ice cream is bad.”

Your real challenge is not lacking information, it’s lacking follow through.

And real change can’t happen until you know why you can’t stick with it.


That’s why working with me is going to make the difference:

I will dig deep and be your partner in figuring out exactly what you need and what’s been holding you back.

We’ll see where your life is out of balance and what is causing your pleasure deficiency (that’s right… your problem is that you’re not getting enough pleasure, as opposed to too much of it).

I will listen like a sister or best friend and will make your priorities my priorities. I will hold you through the stumbles and falls and do whatever it takes to create lasting change in your world and get you to the place where you love your body and life.

It works because you can’t give up and hide because I’m right there with you, and really, it works because you will WANT to follow through. I intuitively know when you need nurturing support and when you need more firm guidance.

This is not a quick fix. It’s lasting change.

It’s for women who have identified themselves as emotional or stress eaters and they have tried everything under the sun to get things “under control.”

Who know they need more than a meal plan or a new exercise to try. Who are ready to go deep and get to the root of the issue once and for all.

You’re not asking to be a fashion model. You just want to have your own version of the ideal body that’s right for you. You want to feel healthy, vibrant and filled with lightness and vitality.

It’s All. About. YOU.

We will get to the source of what you truly need in a way that is totally customized for you.

Expect to enjoy our sessions kind of like you would a massage or a mani-pedi. Expect to feel taken care of. Expect to feel motivated and inspired and learn how to do that for yourself when our time together is over.

You’ll feel all tingly and like I totally “get” you because I will make sure that I do.

You’ll build up your self-esteem and accountability while having your handheld.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to finally put yourself first.

Serious change starts immediately. The habits and mindset changes we create together will last a lifetime.

Just do it… it’s so worth it. It’s an investment in yourself and you’ll come out on the other end in such a better place.

Sarah C. January 24, 2018

The Details:

wwm-detailsWe work together through my Devour Life signature program for 3 months, and I hold your hand every step of the way. You’re going to stumble like you have with everything else you’ve tried, but the difference is that I’m going to be there to catch you.

And, in lieu of shaming you and putting you back on the “right” track, we’re going to figure out why you stumbled in the first place, and instead find the path that is truly right for you. We’re going to find your “right track”; the one that is joyful for you and pleasurable for you and works easily for your own unique personality and lifestyle. Because trust me, anything other than that just plain does not work.

Through the Devour Life program, I will be in your life coaching you either via video, audio, or email as often as every single day if that’s the level of support you need, and we will have live laser coaching sessions weekly to make sure you’re feeling amazing and totally on track to success.

On our coaching calls we will specifically deal with why trying to control your food has failed you in the past, and truly get to the bottom of your specific kind of emotional eating. We will figure out why this has been so hard for you, and we will fix it. Like for real.

I’m with you every step of the way.

Everything is done either by video, audio, or phone, so fitting the modules and sessions into your schedule is easy.

You can expect to feel held, pushed, supported and triumphant. This is a 3-month investment in yourself. It’s an investment that honors your willingness to finally dig in and get to the source of the problem. No more band-aids. No more quick fixes. You deserve to finally feel free and like the “real” you who isn’t obsessed with food all the time.


In addition my Devour Life signature program and our laser coaching sessions, you will also receive a digital, full-color, Devour Life Reflection Journal that I created just for you, a digital Tiny Daily Devours Daily Planner that is a gratitude journal, soul journal, and a daily checklist planner all in one. These have been essential to me in my own journey and we will use them together throughout the modules. These are my most special and sacred “daily rituals” that will jumpstart your success and keep you excited about the changes we’re making.

When we work together, I’ll give you everything I’ve got and if you decide to give me the same, we’ll create supernova-level change together.

Warning: I am NOT the right coach for you if you…

  • don’t care about the underlying issues or are seeking a quick fix/band-aid solution.
  • aren’t committed to making a substantial investment in yourself.
  • are not open to living a little bit outside your comfort zone.

In short, just want a quick fix? Sorry. Short-term fixes aren’t my jam.

I AM the right coach for you if you…

  • know for sure that you are (or have a feeling you may be) an emotional eater or overeater.
  • have tried every diet on earth and nothing has worked long-term. (And you’re SO TIRED of the diet mentality.)
  • need one-on-one support.
  • are ready to finally make a lasting change instead of plowing through quick fixes.
  • Your gut is screaming for you to stop hemming and hawing and instead just click HERE now and make it happen. Your gut always knows.

Intrigued? Want to know more?


Phone shy? You can also email me if you have specific questions.