weddingcakeOne time, in college, I went to the grocery store and bought a wedding cake. For myself. I got one with multiple tiers and the plastic fancy wedding couple on top and everything. This had nothing to do with a desire to get married, and everything to do with the way wedding cake tastes, which is different than and superior to all other cakes. It’s all about the density and the buttercream, you guys.

I then…

  • ate the entire top tier while watching TV
  • felt super gross and threw the rest of the cake into the trash
  • kept watching TV and felt incredibly proud that I stopped after only one tier
  • craved more just half an hour later, got it back out of the trash, and ate the rest

Hi, I’m Breanne. And I know a lot about emotional eating.

b-saladThe most frustrating part of having a lifetime of experiences like this, besides my pants not fitting, was that I was utterly baffled as to why I needed that cake so badly. I grew up studying health and nutrition books in my spare time, which didn’t help my popularity in school, but definitely taught me everything there was to know about food and nutrition. I was the giddiest 12-year-old in the world when Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease came out and I devoured it over my winter break. I learned from my voracious reading what I was supposed to eat, but none of those books told me why it was so impossible for me to actually succeed at eating that way in real life.

I went on to study biology at the University of Texas with a focus on human behavior and dove even further into how humans interact with food. Every kind of eating style you can think of, I tried. I was a carnivore, an omnivore, a Zone Diet devotee, a calorie counter, a point counter, a vegan, a vegetarian, a pescatarian and a year-long sugar detox fanatic. While I learned a lot about how my body reacts to different foods, I learned nothing about why it was still so hard to choose kale over cookies. Or cucumbers over queso.

I made it a life goal of mine to FINALLY figure out the emotional eating puzzle no matter what it took. In an effort to reach that goal, I read every research-based book on nutrition and emotional eating that I could find, attended lectures led by emotional eating experts all over the world, worked with some seriously amazing therapists, gurus, and coaches, and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After healing from my own emotional eating, I decided it was my mission in the world to become a coach to help others do the same. My goal is to save you the years and years of time it took me to finally get to the bottom of my emotional eating. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

What I’ve learned in my studies and in my subsequent years of doing one-on-one coaching with clients, is that what is typically thought of as a FOOD problem almost always has absolutely nothing to do with the food itself.

You don’t have a food problem — you have to go so much deeper than the food.

Deep down, you know that it’s true. If you truly had a food problem, then all of the diets, all of the meal plans, and all of the detoxes would have fixed the underlying issue by now, don’t you think?

I work with women who are finally ready to get to the bottom of their emotional eating and heal from a lifetime of feeling bad/crazy/terrified/shameful around food. It would have been impossible for me to accomplish this for myself without lots and lots of help, and I suspect the same may be true for you. Which is why I’m here if you need me. You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.

Happily Ever After…

The more I got the emotional eating thing figured out, the more time I had on my hands. I used that time to travel to places like Europe, Iceland, India, and Ghana. I lived on an ashram in rural India to study yoga. I helped to start an NGO in West Africa. I spoke to rooms filled with hundreds of people. And I bought a condo in Austin, the live music capital of the world. These days, you’ll find me in Austin listening to local bands, playing fetch with my silly rescue dog who looks like a muppet, or traveling the globe in search of adventures.

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