How Building the RIGHT Gratitude Practice Silences Food Drama

October 09, 2019


If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that the cause of overeating and emotional eating is FEELINGS. 🍕🍫🍔

If you want more info on why that is, you can get it in my 3-Step Emotional Eating Emergency Manual.     👇👇👇

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The BIGGEST causes of overeating are feelings like stress, anxiety, overwhelm, unworthiness, and loss. 

We can’t stop those feelings from ever happening, because… life, but we can stop them from leading to overeating and emotional eating.🍕🍫🍔

In the Devour Life Academy, my clients create a daily gratitude practice as soon as we start working together. It’s a MUST HAVE ritual if you struggle with overeating or emotional eating. For anyone I work with, it’s a Daily Non-Negotiable. 

gratitude, emotional eating, journal

I suggest setting a timer on your phone for 2 minutes, and spending that time either writing down or saying out loud, everything you’re grateful for. As many things as you can think of in the 2 minutes!

To create a daily gratitude practice that WORKS, there are some really specific guidelines you need to follow.


What NOT to do…🛑✋🚫 

🚫 1. DON’T say you’re grateful for things you aren’t actually grateful for. 

Nix anything that feels like a “should”. You get no benefit from these kinds of gratitude statements because they’re laced with the negative feelings you’re trying to take a break from.

 I SHOULD be grateful for my new project that is overwhelming me… 

I SHOULD be grateful that my parents are coming into town even though I’m stressed about it…

I SHOULD be grateful for the temper tantrum my kid is having because he’s expressing his feelings even though it’s making me want to crawl in a hole and die.

Leave out the SHOULDS. The gratitude fairy is watching and knows it’s a lie. 🧚‍♀️


🚫 2. Don’t say you’re grateful for trauma or pain.

I see a lot of memes on social media these days like, 

“I’m grateful my ex broke my heart because now I’m stronger.” 

“I’m grateful I got so sick because now I appreciate life more.”

“I’m grateful for the abuse I experienced because it made me resilient.”

Even if a statement like this is true for you, DON’T use it in your gratitude practice. 

You can be grateful you’re strong and grateful that you’re resilient, and grateful that you appreciate life, yes. But leave trauma out of your gratitude practice, and instead focus on how amazing you are. 


🚫 3. Don’t try and use gratitude to “stuff down” or ignore feelings.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and sad, let yourself fully feel that for a couple of minutes, and then take a break from it to do your gratitude practice.

If you allow yourself to FEEL daily negative feelings, they typically pass by in about 90 seconds, like a (painful, icky) cloud. 

We tend to be so afraid of what will happen if we allow ourselves to fully feel them. There’s fear that it’s not ok to feel that way (it is), or fear that if we start allowing ourselves to feel it, the feeling will never stop.  

But the opposite is actually true. When we allow ourselves to FULLY feel feelings like sadness, loneliness, anger, they pass through us in a healthy way. When we suppress them, we end up expressing them in unhealthy ways… like eating everything in the fridge.

Your gratitude practice is meant to help get you back into a positive mindset after fully feeling your sadness/anxiety/overwhelm. 


The RIGHT way! DO THIS! 👍💯🏆

✔️1. Use gratitude as a break, as a perspective shift. You’re not ignoring the bad things in your life. You’re just balancing them out with the good. 

✔️2. Use your gratitude practice when you start downward spiraling. 

If you allow yourself to feel a feeling like sadness and it goes on, and on, and on, then stop and take a break. 

That means there’s depth there that wants to be explored, but not all at once. Take a break with your gratitude practice. 


✔️3. Get as detailed as possible. 

The more detailed the things are you’re grateful for, the better it works. 


“I am grateful for my baby” is ok but… 

“I am grateful for the way my baby’s head smelled when she woke up this morning” is WAY BETTER.

“I am grateful for my husband” is ok but…

“I am grateful that my husband brought me a cup of coffee in bed this morning. It made me feel so loved” is WAY BETTER.

“I am grateful for the beauty of nature” is ok but…

“I am grateful for this maple leaf that just fell in front of me because it reminds me of fresh maple syrup I used to have at my grandma’s as a kid” is WAY BETTER.


✔️4. Give yourself the tingles.

Remember what your high school English teacher said and BE DESCRIPTIVE. 


Use feeling words and specific examples. Try to feel it in your bones. Try to make something you’re grateful for make you tingle a little. 


✔️5. Do it AT LEAST once per day, but several times per day if you want massive results. 

Practice in the morning, in the evening, while you’re walking the dog, while you’re falling asleep, etc. There’s no such thing as too much gratitude, and you’ll notice that it starts to really shift your perception of yourself and your life. 

It also part of the daily non-negotiable practice that I prescribe for calming food cravings. Big time. 

Build the RIGHT gratitude practice for you, make it a daily pleasurable habit, and watch your whole perspective shift and your cravings calm the eff down.

Comment below and tell me… What’s a time in your day where it makes the most sense to add in a 2-minute gratitude practice?




How to Use Meditation to Reprogram Your Brain and Cure Emotional Eating

October 03, 2019

Years ago, I went to India to live on an ashram for a month and study yoga. At that point, I had done a LOT of healing around my overeating and emotional eating. So, I knew that we were going to have to follow a yogic way of eating, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

The yogic way of eating is basically vegetables and fruits, with no dairy, nothing processed, and no “stimulants”, and they consider foods like onions and garlic to be “stimulants”. So, to me, it felt like we were mostly just eating boiled vegetables. 😩

Turns out, IT WAS A BIG, TERRIFYING, FRUSTRATING DEAL. To the point that I fantasized about stealing the ashram’s van and high-tailing it into the nearest town to stuff my face with all the foods I missed.

I missed chocolate. I missed snack foods. I missed cheese. I missed meat. I missed that delicious flavor that garlic adds to dishes. I missed dessert. 🍫🧀🍪🍔

Here’s the special trick that suddenly made my food cravings disappear…


We have become so accustomed to using food to bury emotions that we think the emotions don’t even exist. We feel like, “I crave snacks at night because I just love food.” But if that food is taken away from you, stuff comes UP. 😳 

Without the food to pacify you, you feel angry, frustrated, deprived, sad, hopeless, etc. It all comes up to the surface and you suddenly feel all the emotions that you had previously been numbing with food. 😩

And that’s why 97% of people can’t stick to a diet. Because it’s not about the food. It’s about what the food is COVERING UP. And what it’s covering up is hard to know how to deal with… which is why we stuff it down with food. 🍕🍫🍔

When my favorite foods were taken away at the ashram, I COULD NOT HANDLE IT. I was angry, frustrated, desperate, anxious, and sad.

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When I went to Guruji, the ashram’s elder, to talk to him about what was happening to me, he said two things.

  1. What has the food been covering up for you? When you don’t have it, what comes up? 
  2. How do you WANT to be with food?

I thought about it, journaled about it, and tried to come to logical conclusions. It helped some.

But when I focused on it in a very specific way during our early morning meditations, I noticed a HUGE shift. For the rest of the morning after meditating, I didn’t miss my old foods, looked forward to my ashram meals, and fully enjoyed them.

On days I also did this in our afternoon half-awake, half-asleep meditations, it worked EVEN BETTER.

And on days I skipped meditations, I went right back to my old feelings and my old ways. I missed pizza, chocolate, and wine. And I didn’t enjoy the ashram food.

The difference between the two was POWERFUL. So I decided to stick with the half-awake, half-asleep meditations, every single day, no matter what.

And my cravings for food completely disappeared. My desire to escape into town and eat burgers and cake disappeared. 

Without constant cravings for snack foods, I was able to fully BE in and enjoy the experience of the gift that was living on the ashram. I was able to fully enjoy the wonderful people, the four hours per day of yoga poses, the silence, the simplicity of bathing from a small bucket of water, and the calm that comes from being totally disconnected from phone and internet access.

All because of a very specific way I practiced my meditation.

When I got home to the states, I thought I had discovered this BRAND NEW thing that no one knew about and I couldn’t wait to break the news!

Turns out… this is widely known outside the western world and has been widely studied. It was the complete opposite of new… it was ANCIENT.

I kept up the practice, and my relationship with food continued to be even more peaceful, healthy, happy, and easy than it was before I went to India. When I include this in my practice of Devouring Life, I almost never want to overeat or emotionally eat. My brain has been reprogrammed to think about food in an entirely different way.

New thoughts –> new actions –> new habits that are now the NORM.

This week, your homework is to get yourself into a half-awake, half-asleep state, and focus on these 2 things for 15 minutes. 🧘‍♀️

1) What has food been covering up for me? What I can’t have it, what comes up?

2) How do I WANT to feel and be with food?


Let me know in the comments below what comes up for you!




P.S. If you want to do this together with ME, then I would LOVE to lead you through it!

On Monday, Oct 7th, 2019, I am leading a 30-Day Online Reprogramming Retreat, where I will take you through every step of the process I went through to reprogram my mind.

As we work together for 30 days, you’ll watch your old food habits become boring and start to disappear, replaced with the new, healthy food habits you’ve always wanted.

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The ONLY Way to Stop Bad Food Habits for GOOD

September 25, 2019

Any of these sound familiar? 🤔

✔️ Mindless snacking when you know you’re not hungry 🍕

✔️ Grabbing cookies from the office kitchen and promising you won’t grab another next time you walk by 🍪

✔️ Finishing the entire plate of pasta even though you’re full after eating half of it 🍝

✔️ Looking down after hours of bingeing Netflix and wondering where the entire bag of chips went 😳

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You can absolutely break old habits and patterns, but you’ve got to pay attention to the research showing what actually works, and what doesn’t. 

Otherwise, you’ll just feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. 😫

Here’s what to do if you’re just SO DONE with old food habits you never asked for.

What DOESN’T work…

👎 Downloading a new food tracking app and promising to start Monday. The last one didn’t stop your overeating but this one will DEFINITELY WORK because… well, it just WILL!

👎 Berating yourself about being lazy and having no willpower and vowing to “GET IT TOGETHER” and “REALLY DO IT THIS TIME”

👎 Joining a group doing a diet that’s masquerading as a “lifestyle change” (Keto or Whole 30, anyone?). You’ve never stuck with one long-term before but this time it will LAST!

Yeah. If you’ve tried those, you know they leave you feeling like a failure… again.

What DOES work!

First, let me explain what habits are and where they come from…

→ Habits are made up of actions.

→ Actions are caused by thoughts.

→ Thoughts are STUCK in old patterns because even though they’re not good for you, they feel comfy. They feel like home.

So, to change habits, you’ve gotta get down to the root cause, and get unstuck from the old patterns.

So what do we need to do to GET UNSTUCK from the old patterns, that are causing our thoughts, that are causing our actions, that are creating ingrained habits?

We need to…

Reprogram the mind with new thought patterns…

which leads to new thoughts…

which leads to new actions…

which leads to new habits!

If you just declare that you’re going to change your habits without getting to the root cause of the thoughts that cause them… it’s never gonna work.

In short, you’ve gotta get your MIND RIGHT or you have zero hope of ever changing those deeply ingrained habits.

How to get UNSTUCK…

1.Get to the root cause of the initial thought patterns. (Where did they come from? Why are they there? Are there any ways they’re benefitting you?)

2. Line out EXACTLY what you want your new habits to look like, according to your strengths, not where you feel weak. (So much conflicting information is out there about what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. It clouds your clarity, and reprogramming your mind requires CLARITY about what’s right for you and what you want most.)

3. Reprogram your mind to see the NEW habits you want as comfy, pleasurable, and like home. (Do this via training the mind and reinforcing the new patterns via repetition, meditation, and reprogramming audios.)

💥BOOM!💥 Your NEW habits, the ones you actually WANT, become your new norm! No diets, food trackers, or calorie counting required!

If you want some help getting your mind right and up-leveling your habits, I’ve got a virtual 30-Day Reprogramming Retreat starting on Oct. 7th where I’ll personally take you through the reprogramming process in 30 days! 

You’ll get all the training you need, all the reprogramming audios you need, and I’ll personally help you form your new, ideal-for-you, food habits.

Click here to get all the info and join us!  

Here’s to getting your mind right for a whole new YOU!


How to Stop Going Nuts With Food at Night

September 11, 2019

How to Stop Going Nuts With Food At Night

I called it my “evening zombie walk”. I used to get home after a long day, and then walk around the kitchen like a zombie, opening and closing the fridge and the same cabinets over and over… hoping that the next time I opened them, more food would magically appear. 🙄

Then I’d gather all the food I had, (or pop over to the corner store if I didn’t have the particular junk food I was craving – here’s lookin’ at you, 7-11 chocolate eclairs 😙), plop onto the couch, and turn on the TV. 

The joy I felt during this moment was visceral. I’d let out a whole body sigh, happy that I finally had ME time. No answering to bosses or kids or co-workers. Just me, doing me.

Then I’d binge-watch shows until it was so late that I was only going to get 4 hours of sleep and then curse myself for staying up so late and curse the world for giving me so little time to myself. 

I eventually realized that this way of spending my evenings felt good in the moment, but really was just numbing out. 

It wasn’t actually making me feel good. 

It was like counterfeit pleasure. 

And I craved the real thing. 

 So, I leveled up my evening ritual in a way that made me feel real pleasure. 

Watch the video to see how you can do it, too:

Here’s how I did it!

✔️ I figured out what I was really craving which made the food cravings… disappear

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✔️ I ditched the zombie walk and instead started making myself an after-dinner evening cup of herbal tea with gingersnaps. 

 ✔️I made TV a planned weekend splurge instead of a way to check out of my evenings

✔️ I started a nightly reading habit, which didn’t make time pass at an alarming rate like TV did, and also actually relaxed me

✔️ I started playing relaxing music at the end of the day – the kind that made me feel like I was in the lobby of a fancy hotel

✔️ I started lighting candles in the evening to feel calm

✔️ I set a bedtime alarm instead of a morning alarm. When the nighttime alarm went off at 9 pm, it meant it was time to turn off all tech, put on my PJs and climb into bed. I’d read for an hour and then drift off, waking up when I needed to feel rested, and without an alarm.

My new evening ritual felt so amazing that I stopped craving the nighttime snacks, and finally found the elusive 9 hours of sleep per night that I had been craving.

Ready to level up your evening ritual so that you can ditch the food cravings for good? 

In the comments, let me know one thing you know you definitely want in your new evening ritual!

Hugs and high-fives to a good night’s sleep,


5 Secrets to Become a Healthy Eater TODAY

July 31, 2019

In case you haven’t heard, there was a time in my life where I bought an entire wedding cake, and ate it. By myself. While sitting on the couch. And it was not an isolated incident.

I remember in that moment, looking down at a ring of icing and the carcass that was left of the wedding cake that I had just annihilated with a fork, and I thought to myself, Breanne. This is not your best life. There has to be a better way.

After that moment, I learned 5 secrets about food that took me from feeling totally out-of-control…

…to feeling like one of those women for whom healthy eating was just effortless. 

I NEVER thought it could happen for me, but it did.

In today’s video, I tell you all the ways to get FREE help from me, including a masterclass teaching you the 5 secrets.

If you participated in the challenge and masterclass, great job at investing in yourself! 

If you missed the masterclass, watch the replay HERE!


  • The 5 SECRETS nobody is sharing in the “weight loss world” (once you hear them your relationship with food will change forever) 🤫
  • How to BREAK FREE from the SHAME cycle that causes overeating 🚫🔁🚫
  • The 3-STEP TRICK to never “fall off the wagon” again ⚠️ ✔️✔️✔️⚠️
  • The ONLY thing you NEED to focus on to completely LOSE THE DESIRE to OVEREAT 🔑   

After you watch it, make sure to hop on a call with me so I can learn more about your story, what’s going on with you, and help you figure out the next best steps. 


Can’t wait to share these totally life-changing secrets with you!


What’s causing your GOTTA-HAVE-IT-RIGHT-NOW Cravings? 🍕🍫🍔

July 11, 2019

Why do we get those out-of-control, GOTTA-HAVE-IT-NOW kinds of cravings? 🤔

Is it physical? Mental? Emotional? An addiction? Something else?

Here’s what’s going on → Watch the video!

First, let’s look at cravings that happen because your body is deficient in a particular nutrient.

If your body is deficient in a particular nutrient, it can cause some weird cravings for things that won’t actually give you that nutrient.

If you eat the food that does actually have the nutrient you need, the craving will go away… as long as it was a physical craving because of a nutrient deficiency. 

Here are some examples of what to eat for PHYSICAL cravings:

If you’re craving CHOCOLATE: 

➡ You may be deficient in MAGNESIUM

➡ Eat lots of nuts, seeds, veggies and fruit


If you’re craving SWEETS:

➡ You may be deficient in chromium, phosphorus, sulphur, tryptophan

➡ Eat lots of broccoli, grapes, nust, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and spinach


If you’re craving BREAD & PASTA:

➡ You may need nitrogen (very rare in the developed world, unless you’re on an extreme diet)

➡ Eat lots of dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds


If you’re craving OILY FOODS:

➡ You may be deficient in CALCIUM

➡ Eat more broccoli, asparagus, kale, mustard greens, bok choy, figs, dates and plums


If you’re craving SALTY FOODS:

➡ You may be deficient in chloride or silicon

➡ Eat more celery, tomatoes, lettuce, seaweed, cashews, nuts and seeds

But what if you’re NOT deficient in any of those minerals???

If you’ve added in those foods and you STILL HAVE FOOD CRAVINGS…then they are most likely EMOTIONAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL cravings.

(This is what they end up being as often as 90% of the time.)

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✔️ I just ate and am so full but… I’m still hungry

✔️ I snack all day and can’t stop 

✔️ My stomach feels full but my mouth wants more

✔️ I’m craving food and don’t know why

✔️ I’m craving food because I’m sad, bored, lonely, tired


If any of these apply to you, then you have EMOTIONAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL food cravings. 

So… how do you fix it? Don’t worry – I got you. 

We’re gonna get to the bottom of it with the…



✔️ Know exactly WHY you sometimes feel CONTROLLED by food 🍕

✔️ Use my SIMPLE HACK to BREAK UP with your food drama in 1 day! 😲 

✔️ Create your DREAM RELATIONSHIP with your daily meals & snacks 🍽️ 

✔️ Get to the ROOT CAUSE of your SELF-SABOTAGE & DITCH IT for good 🗑️ 


Comment below and tell me WHAT YOU CRAVE MOST… and comment YES if you’re joining the challenge! 💯




How to Get the Results You Want… by Going EASIER on Yourself

July 04, 2019

We are taught that hard work, sacrifice, buckling down, and generally FORCING ourselves is what gets the job done, right?

But let’s dig into that a bit more deeply. 

Is hard work required in life? Yes. Do we sometimes have to sacrifice and buckle down? Of course. 

BUT… with food and exercise, that has somehow translated into this idea that we need to be MEAN to ourselves in order to be the best version of ourselves. 

I mean, think about it…

Do you ever say things like this to yourself?

  • I’m so lazy!
  • Why can’t I just have more willpower?
  • Why can’t I ever follow through?
  • Why do I always fail?

In your mind, you might think that if at some point, you just feel bad enough or ashamed enough or you hit “rock bottom” with how you feel about yourself, that things will change. You’ll finally have the motivation you need to change. 

But shame talk and mean talk and self-bullying do NOT lead to positive change. (If that worked long-term, don’t you think it would have worked already?)

So… what DOES work? Click the video and I’ll tell ya!

Embracing all the goodness in yourself, fully.

What if eating too much sometimes is ok?

If you’re doing it so much that it’s driving you crazy, download my emotional eating emergency manual – but also know that the desire to emotionally eat and overeat is OK. And humans do that sometimes and it’s ok!

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What if the pace you naturally do things at is ok?

What if all the things you like, even the ones you’re ashamed of, are ok?

What if the amount of time you need to take breaks is necessary and ok?

What if wanting to run off to an island and sell coconuts sometimes is ok?

What if not being able to stick to a diet is ok? (It’s actually a GOOD THING, I promise.)

What if your body, exactly as it is right now, is exactly how it’s supposed to be?

When you see the inherent beauty in your own perceived imperfections, you are loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved. 

And when you love something, you give it grace and forgiveness. You see all the adorable quirks as totally loveable. And when you love something, you want to take immaculate care of it.

So, to take better care of yourself, what I want you to do is go EASIER on yourself, not harder. 

Be patient with yourself, be forgiving with yourself, and hold all of your desires like the most precious treasures in the world. 

THAT is what leads to the change you’re seeking. 

In the comments, I’d love to hear about one perceived “imperfection” about yourself that you see with love. 

I want to pop in down in the comments and cheer you on in fully accepting yourself, exactly as you are now.

Hugs and High Fives to making all of this EASIER,

Why Trying to Lose Weight Fails Every Time

June 27, 2019

Raise your hand if the last diet you tried worked so well that you’re still on it and never again had issues with food.🖐 

No one? Yeah. I didn’t think so. 

Diets have an abysmal 97% failure rate. 

Can you imagine going to the doctor and hearing, “Here’s a prescription. It has a 97% failure rate, but maybe you’ll be one of the 3% of people it works for!”

No doctor would EVER prescribe something with a 97% FAILURE RATE!!!

So let’s get into why diets don’t work, and what to do instead. 

First, let’s define what a diet is. A diet is any method of food restriction for the purpose of losing weight. 

ANYTHING that promotes food restriction is a diet. Cleanses, detoxes, calorie counting, point counting, and “lifestyle changes” where you restrict your food… are all DIETS.

And the fact that you have “failed” at dieting is NOT YOUR FAULT. Why?

Anything with a 97% failure rate is just a bad system. You are not expected, as a human being, to excel at things that have a 97% failure rate. That’s ridiculous.

Diets feel like punishment, and no one wants long-term punishment. Diets feel like food jail, and no one wakes up in the morning excited to go to jail.

Diets feel like restriction, and restriction leads to REBELLING. Think about it… When you were a kid and your mom said, “Whatever you do, DON’T LOOK IN THE TOP DRAWER.” What’s the first thing you’re gonna do? That’s right. Look in the top drawer. When something is restricted, we are wired to REBEL.

Succeeding means the haters win, and you can’t let the haters win.

For example… 

If you’ve been told by people who love you that you need to eat less and lose weight, then what you HEAR is, “You don’t belong until you eat less. You are not loved unless you eat less. You aren’t worthy unless you eat less.”  

So sticking to a diet feels like letting the haters win. Why? Because you know deep inside that you are deserving of love, belonging exactly as you are right now. 

You don’t have to change a single thing about your body to be worthy. So quitting a diet is your most inner wise self protecting you from changing yourself to fit other people’s expectations. You probably refer to it as self-sabotage, but it’s actually self-protection. 

How awesome is that??? You’re not sabotaging yourself. You’re just super good at protecting yourself. 

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Restriction ignores the root cause of overeating. You are not expected to succeed at something that treats symptoms without getting to the root cause. 

Big life changes, like a loss, a breakup, a divorce, extra work stress, family stress can all cause overeating. 

Why? Because we use food as a life raft to survive these things. And that’s a good thing. 

You’ve been treading water in the middle of the ocean and you’ve used food as a life raft. What a beautiful coping mechanism you’ve developed to keep yourself afloat. 

If someone took your life raft away, you’d feel like you were drowning. And diets try to take your life raft away without replacing it with anything else. That’s just rude. 

So what’s the answer?

Trying to force our bodies into a shape or weight not meant for us is pointless, and frustrating. 

If I am eating beautifully nourishing foods when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m full, getting plenty of sleep, enjoying moving my body each day, holding strong to my boundaries, fostering connectedness with my loved ones, and just generally taking amazing care of myself, then whatever my body looks like as a result of that IS MY IDEAL BODY.

And I invite you to create a similar definition for your own body. 

It’s way more fun (and works so much better than) trying to look like yourself from 15 years ago, a model on a runway, a hungry celebrity, or your sister who won the genetic lottery. 

Instead of ripping away your life raft by restricting your food, find something better to keep you afloat so you don’t need that old life raft. 

Figure out what your void is, and fill it up with things that feel so much better than food. Doing it this way means that instead of having to use willpower, you just stop wanting to overeat and emotionally eat. 

Be so, so gentle with yourself. Instead of judging your food choices, try just getting curious. “Hmmm… I wonder why I needed that? What feeling am I craving” feels and works so much better than “OMG WHY DID I DO THAT WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?” 

Ask your body what she’s craving (A bubble bath? A nap? A massage? Saying nevermind to that party you committed to?) and give that to yourself. 

We tend to see weight loss as this holy grail…

When I lose weight, I’ll buy myself such cute clothes!

When I lose weight, I’ll feel sexy and love dating!

When I lose weight, I’ll be so confident!

But the truth is, if you lose weight and are still treating yourself like crap, you’re not going to feel any better at all. 

So let’s start with treating yourself better RIGHT NOW. Let’s make THAT the focus, instead of the thing with a 97% failure rate.

COMMENT BELOW and tell me one small action you will do TODAY to show yourself more self LOVE. ❤️

Hugs and High Fives to a 100% SUCCESS rate, 




When You Feel SHAME Around Your Food or Body

June 20, 2019

We all know that feeling. You look down at a plate of crumbs, wonder where all the food went, and feel that familiar old feeling of deep shame.

WHY did I eat all of that? I’ve REALLY got to get this food thing UNDER CONTROL.

Or that passive aggressive comment from your mother-in-law about how you’ve “gotten fluffy.” 🙄

All you were trying to do was enjoy a meal with the family, and now you just feel miserable.

Here’s what I want you to do next time you feel that sense of shame.

First, let’s talk about shame from others.

These are those passive aggressive or even just plain aggressive comments about your body or about what you’re eating from the people in your life.

When that happens…

  1. Take up for yourself, and ask others to take up for you as well. You do not deserve to be shamed by anyone about your body or food choices, EVER. It is never ok.
  2. Remember that you are grown adult and you are allowed to eat whatever you want, whenever you want to. The choices you make about your own body are NO ONE’S business.
  3. Know that there is NOTHING WRONG with the amount of space your body takes up in the world. You are a perfectly imperfect being, exactly as you are, and if someone doesn’t like something about your body, that’s their issue. Not yours.
  4. Express that you’d prefer they not talk about your body or food choices, and make it clear that this is a hard boundary for you. If someone loves you, they will respect your boundaries and wishes. YOU decide how others show you love. If a comment doesn’t FEEL like love to you, then it isn’t; even if they’re telling you it is.
  5. Shout from the mountaintops (I’ll be right there with you!) that you can’t tell how healthy someone is by their body size. One more time for the cheap seats…You 👏🏼can’t 👏🏼tell 👏🏼how 👏🏼healthy 👏🏼someone 👏🏼is 👏🏼just 👏🏼by 👏🏼their 👏🏼body 👏🏼size.
  6. If someone is concern-trolling about how worried they are about your “health”, just remember that your body and you health are no one’s business. Is it ok to tell someone that you’re very close to that you’re concerned about their well-being? Sure. But there are gentle ways to do that, and there’s a time and a place. There’s a very different energy when someone who truly cares about you asks how you’re doing, versus when someone is criticizing you. Your intuition knows the difference. If it feels icky, it is.

Next, let’s talk about feeling shame in yourself.

This is when, even if no one around you is criticizing you, you feel a sense of shame in yourself.

When that happens…

  1. Ask yourself… Am I perhaps just internalizing the expectations of others? Of my family? Of society?
  2. If it’s just you and yourself, then there may be disharmony between who you are inside, and the person you’re being day to day.
  3. If that’s the case, there is no need to feel shame. It’s perfectly normal, it’s ok, and you haven’t done anything wrong! Getting a bit out of alignment is normal. Be gentle with yourself.
  4. Focus on who you are at your core, and think about what it would look like for your day-to-day behavior to align better with who you know you are at your core.
  5. HOLD THAT VISION of you you are at your deepest center. At your core. Smile about it. Daydream about it. Get excited about it. Use that vision as your daily meditation & visualization.

Following these steps will pull you out of a shame spiral, and into a place where you can create positive change if you’re craving it.

If part of your shame spirals involve uncontrollable emotional eating or overeating, then make sure you’ve downloaded my emergency manual!

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Now, let’s put the focus back on the positive. Comment below and tell me ONE AMAZING QUALITY of who you are at your CORE, and ONE THING YOU’RE GOING TO DO today to be in alignment with you truly are. 🌟

Huge and High Fives to Hushing the Haters,


P.S. Every wonder WHY you overeat and emotionally eat? Like… what’s at the root of it? Take my quiz and find out! <<< TAKE THE QUIZ! >>>

What If You LOVE Food… a Little Too Much?

June 13, 2019

Do you ever feel like you LOVE food… a little too much?

It feels like a super intense love, right?

I felt it. I’d be sitting at a restaurant, or at home on the couch, and I just. couldn’t. stop. Even when I KNEW I was full and my body didn’t want more. And the rest of the time, 90% of my brain space was obsessed with thinking about… food. 🧠

All I wanted to do was stop thinking about it… but I couldn’t.

Like when you’re newly in love and can’t stop thinking about the other person or when you have to pee really bad and can’t think about anything else until you pee. Like, in that moment you can think about NOTHING else but peeing.

I was like that, except with baked goods.

Using the being in love example and the pee example in the same sentence was a bit weird. But hopefully you get what I’m saying.

My point is that it definitely felt like I just loved it too much. And all I wanted was to be one of those normal eaters. The kind of woman who thought of food casually around meal time but not ALL the time. The kind of woman who could eat and then just… stop.

But I was not that woman.

Ever feel that way? Like you are just so in love with food that you can’t stop yourself?

It may feel like love, but in today’s video I explain what’s REALLY going on (hint: it’s not actually love)… so that you can calm that feeling the eff down and get some peace.

Here’s what I invite you to think about…

When you’re scarfing down goldfish in the pantry does that feel like love? Or does it feel like numbing out?

When you look down and you’ve eaten the whole box of cookies, did you love that experience? That experience that you don’t even remember?

When Netflix asks you if you’re still watching and you look down and an entire bag of potato chips (or ‘crisps’ in the UK 🇬🇧) has been demolished, did that feel like a loving experience?

Is it loving to feel like something has control over you and makes you do things you don’t want to do? Is that love?

When we love things, we honor them. We cherish them. We give them our full attention.

And none of that is happening in any of those examples. You’re not honoring the food. You’re not cherishing it. And you’re definitely not giving it your full attention.

You’re not loving it. You’re USING it. And using something is not love.

If you’re thinking, “Yes! This is so ME”,  then make sure you’ve downloaded my 3 Steps to Totally Lose the Desire to Emotionally Eat, because it’s like an emergency manual in those just-can’t-stop-myself moments.


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So it’s not about loving the food. It’s about food being a really good ESCAPE. ✈️

Food is great at helping you to stop feeling things you don’t want to feel, and start feeling things you DO want to feel.

Food is great for numbing out. Food can make you feel calm, connected, and like everything is ok. Food can feel like excitement, adventure, joy.

So, next time you’re feeling out-of-control because you just LOVE food… ask yourself what you’re eating to escape from. And what you’re eating to feel.

When you start getting those positive feelings (joy, connected, calm, free) from fully devouring your LIFE, you no longer crave food to numb out or to feel.

You’re devouring your LIFE to feel the way you want to feel, instead of just food.

So, if you don’t love food as much as you thought… what is something that you do ACTUALLY love? Comment below and tell me about something you truly LOVE. Something you honor, cherish, and give your full attention to.  ❤️




P.S. Have you taken the Eater Type Quiz yet? DO IT! I’ll tell you which of the 4 types you are, and what your specific type should do to calm the food crazies.