Corona Virus Snacking 😱 & How to Know How Much You Should Eat

June 25, 2020

Have you been finding yourself wandering over to your refrigerator more these last few months? 

Whether you’ve found yourself with a work from home situation all of a sudden, or been looking for the ice cream after watching the latest newscycle, I’ve heard from so many people in my Devour Life community about the increased snacking situation!

If you’re snacking more than normal during quarantine, you are totally normal! 

AND… the more you stress about the eating, the more you want to eat

So, what’s the solution?

Focus on allowing yourself the food you want, AND going more hardcore on self-care. 🛀

Self-care can look like a bubble bath or a face mask, but it can also look like:

  • Creating a budget that makes you feel hopeful and excited and financially healthy 💸
  • Getting away from the people you live with for some alone time 🚶‍♀️
  • Scheduling a session with a therapist or coach 💜
  • Getting outside in the sunshine for just 5 minutes ☀️
  • Having a difficult conversation with someone to stick to what’s most important to you in your core 💬

And what’s more, the lack of routine and schedule has really thrown people for a loop and it’s getting harder to determine what our body actually needs in any given moment.

A member of the Devour Life community, Shannon asked me, “How do you know if you’re more hungry for a snack or a meal?” I answer this question in the video below…


When you’re confused about your own hunger, try these 4 tricks:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how hungry am I right now? 🤔
  2. Think of something in your mind that you want to eat. Do you feel like, “OOh. A yogurt sounds kinda good right now.” or do you feel like, “I NEED A YOGURT NOW!” ⚠️
  3. Imagine yourself taking a bite. Do you want a couple more bites or are you wanting to add a whole other food into the mix? 🍽
  4. Get clear on your emotions. Are you feeling emotionally ok or is there something to get curious about? ✍️ 

Need help with this? Download my FREE guide: 3 Easy Steps to Totally Lose the Desire to Emotionally Eat here ⤵️

When you notice yourself making a beeline to the cupboards or wondering if there is any pie left in the refrigerator, try to pause for a moment and follow the 4 steps above. That short pause can make a world of difference!

In the comments, tell me your favorite snack AND a self-care activity that you’re really craving right now!