Doing It Alone Failed… But This “Shameful” Thing Totally Worked

October 31, 2019

I was driving home from a friend’s party the other night (btw the cake was so good and you guys know how I feel about cake) and mindlessly listening to the radio when Time by NF came on, and I heard this line…

Got a lot of issues I’m tryna work through ’em

Going to therapy for you’s somethin’ that’s worth doing

And I was suddenly screaming, “YAS. THIS!” alone in my car, because I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever heard a song normalize therapy. 

Growing up, no one in my family went to therapy. And the idea of it was shunned as “airing your dirty laundry.” It was considered shameful, and so no one went. 

Even if there was depression, unprocessed trauma, or severe anxiety, therapy was not something we did. The idea was that if you were strong, you should be able to get through it. 

I’d watch family members put their health at serious risk because they could not stop eating in a way that was hurting them. Their doctors would clearly tell them what was and was not ok to eat, but nothing could stop them. It broke my heart. 

And since that’s what I saw growing up, I struggled with it, too, until I found… therapy.

The ONLY reason I have a beautiful relationship with food now, one where I eat when I’m hungry and easily stop when I’m full and have pretty much zero desire to overeat, binge, or emotionally eat, is because I got help.

I worked with therapists, counselors, and coaches who taught me the skills I needed to eat the way I wanted to eat. I thought I had been born with a faulty food gene, but it turns out I just needed some support and guidance to get to the root cause of my food issues. And then I needed someone to show me what would actually work for ME, based on my own history with food.

I invested in myself with my time, my energy, and my dollars. My healing became my first priority. 

And it worked. 


Now, I never count calories or portion or track my food. My relationship with food is healthy, easy, intuitive, and feels like freedom. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want to (like cake at birthday parties because a life without cake is not a life I want to live), and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. No food is off-limits, but it doesn’t need to be, because what I mostly want to eat now are healthy, nourishing foods. 

That’s a complete 180 from where I used to be, and it’s just as much of a life-changer as I dreamed it would be. Someone could offer me a million bucks to go back to my old exhausting, restrictive, binge-y, crazy-making way of eating when food had complete power over me, and I would turn it down without thinking twice. 

If you’re struggling in any area of your life (relationships, parenting, anxiety, depression, food, etc) PLEASE consider seeing a professional who can help you. You deserve for your one, precious life to be SPECTACULAR… not like you’re living on autopilot with couch snacks being your main source of joy.

If you’d like help from me, I’ve got you. The number one question I get asked is how to work with me one-on-one, and for the last few years, that hasn’t been an option. But you asked, and I listened. 

I just opened up a few spots in my calendar for one-on-one clients for the first time in years

We’ll spend 3 sessions together, just you and me. Once you spill all the details of your own unique food history, I’ll know exactly what’s been missing, and exactly what you need. 

Then, I’ll show you exactly how to have the easy, nourishing, intuitive relationship with food that I have, and that I KNOW is possible for you. 

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This is the only way to work with me one-on-one, and it’s only around for a little while. So if you’ve been thinking this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, snag it while it’s here! 

Hugs and high-fives to being allowed to eat birthday cake whenever you want, 




P.S. You asked, and you shall receive. I’ve just opened up one-on-one coaching sessions again for the first time in years. If you’re feeling crazy around food and need private, personalized support, I’ve got you. They’re only here for a limited time so if you know you want in, do it, do it!

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