How to Completely Forget About Food

February 24, 2017

See that delicious-looking cake ball? Drool-worthy, right? And I just totally forgot it was even there. Let me explain…

I spent the last week in Southern California and was reminded of a crazy simple trick to stop binge eating in its tracks.

I flew to LA for a retreat and spent a few days with some rock star women for the purpose of working together to reach our goals. The focus was on learning, stretching, getting uncomfortable, reaching higher, and making s**t happen.

During the process, I was IN IT. I was furiously taking notes during lectures, writing out ideas for new dreams and goals that kept popping in my head because I was so inspired, and nailing down the processes required to achieve, achieve, achieve. I was in the zone and it felt amazing.

Sometimes, when life is boring or feels like something we want to escape from, we look forward to the next meal or snack like it’s an oasis of water in the desert and we’ve gone three days without drinking.

But, because I was in this inspired flow state, I would accidentally go hours without eating or even thinking about food, and I was even kind of annoyed when the (delicious!) catered food arrived because I just wanted to stay in my flow.

Annoyed. When delicious food arrived.

This, coming from a former raging emotional eater.

I felt like that kid who’s having so much fun in the hotel pool that she throws a tantrum when her mom says it’s time to get out and go eat dinner.

And, when you think about it, don’t you think your one, very precious, life should feel as exciting to you as a hotel pool does to an 8-year-old?

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Listen, I know you can’t make every moment of every day feel like a vacation. That’s not real life. But you can take some time each week to focus on getting into a flow that brings you back to your deepest inner joy and creative rhythm. And that can replace the time you’re currently spending snacking on junk food when you’re not even hungry.

So how’s about we make a deal this week to do something that gets us into that blissful flow state? Maybe for you that’s knitting, or singing, or writing, or planning out your year, or playing piano, or something you loved to do as a child and have forgotten.

As for me, I’m writing this blog to get into my flow state. Because writing to you guys right now has me in such a delicious creative flow that I’m completely ignoring the cake ball that is sitting right next to me. And I do not typically ignore cake balls, you guys.

Think of an activity that will make you feel like a blissfully hustlin’ & flowin’ diva, then comment below and let me know what’s inspiring you!

Oh! And if you missed my Facebook Live from Southern California where I was feeling all giddy about my flow state, here ya go!

Hugs and hotel swimming pools,

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