How to Get the Results You Want… by Going EASIER on Yourself

July 04, 2019

We are taught that hard work, sacrifice, buckling down, and generally FORCING ourselves is what gets the job done, right?

But let’s dig into that a bit more deeply. 

Is hard work required in life? Yes. Do we sometimes have to sacrifice and buckle down? Of course. 

BUT… with food and exercise, that has somehow translated into this idea that we need to be MEAN to ourselves in order to be the best version of ourselves. 

I mean, think about it…

Do you ever say things like this to yourself?

  • I’m so lazy!
  • Why can’t I just have more willpower?
  • Why can’t I ever follow through?
  • Why do I always fail?

In your mind, you might think that if at some point, you just feel bad enough or ashamed enough or you hit “rock bottom” with how you feel about yourself, that things will change. You’ll finally have the motivation you need to change. 

But shame talk and mean talk and self-bullying do NOT lead to positive change. (If that worked long-term, don’t you think it would have worked already?)

So… what DOES work? Click the video and I’ll tell ya!

Embracing all the goodness in yourself, fully.

What if eating too much sometimes is ok?

If you’re doing it so much that it’s driving you crazy, download my emotional eating emergency manual – but also know that the desire to emotionally eat and overeat is OK. And humans do that sometimes and it’s ok!

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What if the pace you naturally do things at is ok?

What if all the things you like, even the ones you’re ashamed of, are ok?

What if the amount of time you need to take breaks is necessary and ok?

What if wanting to run off to an island and sell coconuts sometimes is ok?

What if not being able to stick to a diet is ok? (It’s actually a GOOD THING, I promise.)

What if your body, exactly as it is right now, is exactly how it’s supposed to be?

When you see the inherent beauty in your own perceived imperfections, you are loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved. 

And when you love something, you give it grace and forgiveness. You see all the adorable quirks as totally loveable. And when you love something, you want to take immaculate care of it.

So, to take better care of yourself, what I want you to do is go EASIER on yourself, not harder. 

Be patient with yourself, be forgiving with yourself, and hold all of your desires like the most precious treasures in the world. 

THAT is what leads to the change you’re seeking. 

In the comments, I’d love to hear about one perceived “imperfection” about yourself that you see with love. 

I want to pop in down in the comments and cheer you on in fully accepting yourself, exactly as you are now.

Hugs and High Fives to making all of this EASIER,