How to Stop Going Nuts With Food at Night

September 11, 2019

How to Stop Going Nuts With Food At Night

I called it my “evening zombie walk”. I used to get home after a long day, and then walk around the kitchen like a zombie, opening and closing the fridge and the same cabinets over and over… hoping that the next time I opened them, more food would magically appear. 🙄

Then I’d gather all the food I had, (or pop over to the corner store if I didn’t have the particular junk food I was craving – here’s lookin’ at you, 7-11 chocolate eclairs 😙), plop onto the couch, and turn on the TV. 

The joy I felt during this moment was visceral. I’d let out a whole body sigh, happy that I finally had ME time. No answering to bosses or kids or co-workers. Just me, doing me.

Then I’d binge-watch shows until it was so late that I was only going to get 4 hours of sleep and then curse myself for staying up so late and curse the world for giving me so little time to myself. 

I eventually realized that this way of spending my evenings felt good in the moment, but really was just numbing out. 

It wasn’t actually making me feel good. 

It was like counterfeit pleasure. 

And I craved the real thing. 

 So, I leveled up my evening ritual in a way that made me feel real pleasure. 

Watch the video to see how you can do it, too:

Here’s how I did it!

✔️ I figured out what I was really craving which made the food cravings… disappear

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✔️ I ditched the zombie walk and instead started making myself an after-dinner evening cup of herbal tea with gingersnaps. 

 ✔️I made TV a planned weekend splurge instead of a way to check out of my evenings

✔️ I started a nightly reading habit, which didn’t make time pass at an alarming rate like TV did, and also actually relaxed me

✔️ I started playing relaxing music at the end of the day – the kind that made me feel like I was in the lobby of a fancy hotel

✔️ I started lighting candles in the evening to feel calm

✔️ I set a bedtime alarm instead of a morning alarm. When the nighttime alarm went off at 9 pm, it meant it was time to turn off all tech, put on my PJs and climb into bed. I’d read for an hour and then drift off, waking up when I needed to feel rested, and without an alarm.

My new evening ritual felt so amazing that I stopped craving the nighttime snacks, and finally found the elusive 9 hours of sleep per night that I had been craving.

Ready to level up your evening ritual so that you can ditch the food cravings for good? 

In the comments, let me know one thing you know you definitely want in your new evening ritual!

Hugs and high-fives to a good night’s sleep,