How to Use Meditation to Reprogram Your Brain and Cure Emotional Eating

October 03, 2019

Years ago, I went to India to live on an ashram for a month and study yoga. At that point, I had done a LOT of healing around my overeating and emotional eating. So, I knew that we were going to have to follow a yogic way of eating, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

The yogic way of eating is basically vegetables and fruits, with no dairy, nothing processed, and no “stimulants”, and they consider foods like onions and garlic to be “stimulants”. So, to me, it felt like we were mostly just eating boiled vegetables. 😩

Turns out, IT WAS A BIG, TERRIFYING, FRUSTRATING DEAL. To the point that I fantasized about stealing the ashram’s van and high-tailing it into the nearest town to stuff my face with all the foods I missed.

I missed chocolate. I missed snack foods. I missed cheese. I missed meat. I missed that delicious flavor that garlic adds to dishes. I missed dessert. 🍫🧀🍪🍔

Here’s the special trick that suddenly made my food cravings disappear…


We have become so accustomed to using food to bury emotions that we think the emotions don’t even exist. We feel like, “I crave snacks at night because I just love food.” But if that food is taken away from you, stuff comes UP. 😳 

Without the food to pacify you, you feel angry, frustrated, deprived, sad, hopeless, etc. It all comes up to the surface and you suddenly feel all the emotions that you had previously been numbing with food. 😩

And that’s why 97% of people can’t stick to a diet. Because it’s not about the food. It’s about what the food is COVERING UP. And what it’s covering up is hard to know how to deal with… which is why we stuff it down with food. 🍕🍫🍔

When my favorite foods were taken away at the ashram, I COULD NOT HANDLE IT. I was angry, frustrated, desperate, anxious, and sad.

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When I went to Guruji, the ashram’s elder, to talk to him about what was happening to me, he said two things.

  1. What has the food been covering up for you? When you don’t have it, what comes up? 
  2. How do you WANT to be with food?

I thought about it, journaled about it, and tried to come to logical conclusions. It helped some.

But when I focused on it in a very specific way during our early morning meditations, I noticed a HUGE shift. For the rest of the morning after meditating, I didn’t miss my old foods, looked forward to my ashram meals, and fully enjoyed them.

On days I also did this in our afternoon half-awake, half-asleep meditations, it worked EVEN BETTER.

And on days I skipped meditations, I went right back to my old feelings and my old ways. I missed pizza, chocolate, and wine. And I didn’t enjoy the ashram food.

The difference between the two was POWERFUL. So I decided to stick with the half-awake, half-asleep meditations, every single day, no matter what.

And my cravings for food completely disappeared. My desire to escape into town and eat burgers and cake disappeared. 

Without constant cravings for snack foods, I was able to fully BE in and enjoy the experience of the gift that was living on the ashram. I was able to fully enjoy the wonderful people, the four hours per day of yoga poses, the silence, the simplicity of bathing from a small bucket of water, and the calm that comes from being totally disconnected from phone and internet access.

All because of a very specific way I practiced my meditation.

When I got home to the states, I thought I had discovered this BRAND NEW thing that no one knew about and I couldn’t wait to break the news!

Turns out… this is widely known outside the western world and has been widely studied. It was the complete opposite of new… it was ANCIENT.

I kept up the practice, and my relationship with food continued to be even more peaceful, healthy, happy, and easy than it was before I went to India. When I include this in my practice of Devouring Life, I almost never want to overeat or emotionally eat. My brain has been reprogrammed to think about food in an entirely different way.

New thoughts –> new actions –> new habits that are now the NORM.

This week, your homework is to get yourself into a half-awake, half-asleep state, and focus on these 2 things for 15 minutes. 🧘‍♀️

1) What has food been covering up for me? What I can’t have it, what comes up?

2) How do I WANT to feel and be with food?


Let me know in the comments below what comes up for you!




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