Mind Your Own Business, Delivery Man

March 07, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lied to the lady taking your take-out order over the phone. “Hahaha yes I know it’s a big order it’s for me and a bunch of my friends!”

Yeah. Me too. And I’d lie to the delivery guy, too.

I used to eat a whole pizza and then feel a terrible sense of shame. Or a whole cake. Or 3 meals from the drive-through. Or enough take-out for a large family… just for me. (The shame when they bring you enough chopsticks for a family of 10 is real, amiright?)

I’d eat it all because I couldn’t stop myself. Then, I would roll around in my sense of shame like a pig rolls around in the mud. I would COVER myself, head to toe, in guilt and shame.

Why do I do this? I’m so fat and lazy.

Why don’t I have any willpower? I am so gross and broken.

Why does the food have so much control over me? I’m so disgusting and weak.

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And those were the nicest things I’d say to myself.

I would berate myself, then feel terrible about myself, and then do what every overeater does to feel better…

I’d eat again.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle and couldn’t get out.

If you’ve ever felt this, then I made this video in my Devour Life Facebook group for YOU.

In it, I talk about how we get ourselves into this cycle, and how to break free from it.

I still get shudders when I think of how awful it felt to feel so out-of-control.

Now, I have pretty much zero desire to overeat or emotionally eat. But, on the rare occasion that I do, it’s no big deal. I NEVER feel guilt or shame with food anymore. Ever.

And you deserve the same, friend.

Hugs and High-Fives to Breaking the Cycle,

P.S. If you want overeating to be a thing in your past… If you want to know how to just not WANT to overeat anymore… to legit lose the desire… then click here and let’s talk. (It’s free.)