Overeaters vs Emotional Eaters: What’s the Difference and Which are YOU?

May 16, 2019

Are you an emotional eater? An overeater? An emotional overeater? A bored eater? A stress eater? Someone who isn’t any of those things but just LOVES food a little too much?

What’s the difference? And which are you? 🤔

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. They’re all the same thing.

Let me explain…


Let’s start with physical hunger. Physical hunger is when your body is physically hungry. It feels like a grumbling belly. It feels weak and low-energy. It feels like your stomach is going to eat itself if it doesn’t get food in it soon. Physical hunger is a signal that your body is requiring more food to keep you alive and function properly.  

Any other feeling of “hunger” that is not physical hunger coming from an empty belly is emotional hunger.

Emotional hunger is that feeling when…

→ You’re full but still craving more food.

→ You’re mindlessly snacking without even paying attention to how full you are because you don’t want to stop.

→ You want a 3rd or 4th helping even when you know you’ve eaten enough to be physically satisfied.

→ Your stomach is full but your mouth is craving more food.

→ You just can’t stop yourself and you don’t know why.

What’s happening in that instance is that you’re craving a positive feeling, and the food gives that to you. It’s that simple.

Identify the positive feeling that the food is giving you, and then give it to yourself in other ways and all of a sudden… the desire to eat past the point of fullness just… vanishes.

Don’t believe me?

Or… believe me but have no idea what it is that you’re trying to feel?
Then check out my Emotional Eating Emergency Manual (3 Steps to Totally Lose the Desire to Emotionally Eat).

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This quick little guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step, and get you to that highly sought after “I’m actually not hungry right now” feeling. 💯

Put down the food, and pick up the guide. Or… real talk… hang on to the food and follow the guide while you snack. It will still do its job. 😉

Hugs and High-Fives to Vanquishing the Food Crazies,