Overeating: How to Stop It In It’s Tracks!

November 28, 2019

Overeating is… eating past the point of fullness, or eating when you know you’re not hungry. It’s eating more than you know your body wants and needs. 

Here’s what to do if you’re overeating every day or every week, and also specifically what to do around the holidays.

Which of these overeating situations describes you MOST?

👉 Going overboard at a meal

👉 Mindless snacking after meals or between meals

👉 Eating dessert when there’s no room

👉 Just feeling hungry all the time

Ok, then what do we do about it? Today’s video tells you exactly what to do.


First, it’s normal for humans to overeat sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with eating past the point of fullness. Our culture tends to make food and how we eat a very moral issue like it’s wrong or bad or gluttonous to overeat. But it’s none of those things. 

Eating is something that can be VERY pleasurable, and like all pleasurable things, too much of it can really make your life suck.  

So I want to be clear that overeating is NOT WRONG. 

But… I am talking to you if your desire to overeat feels out of control or like it’s hurting your life or your physical or mental health. You deserve to live a life where food is easy, not controlling.

Second, the good news is that the 4 situations above all have the same solution! 

Because eating more food than your body needs, in any form, is emotional eating. 

Emotional eating is not just crying into a bucket of ice cream or stress-eating.

Emotional eating is when you are eating past the point of physical fullness. 

So why can’t you stop eating even if you know you’re physically full? 

I have a lot of clients tell me, “it’s just habit.” 

If it’s just a habit and doesn’t go any deeper than that, then it’s easy to stop. 

If it’s just a habit then you can shift your environment around and easily change it.


I used to have trouble remembering to floss. But I love taking long showers. So I started flossing in the shower. Done. 

I used to have a habit of forgetting to take my allergy medicine in the morning. So I set an alarm on my phone and now I take it every morning. 

If we assume that it’s just a habit, then I should be able to tell you ways to set up your environment for success and it would stop the overeating. Just “follow this diet” or “follow this meal plan” should work.

But that hasn’t worked. So it’s got to be deeper than a habit. 

What’s happening is you’re eating so quickly and mindlessly that you’re skipping over a REALLY important thing going on inside you that’s causing you to overeat in a way that feels uncontrollable. 

You are eating because you want to stop feeling something you don’t want to feel, OR you’re eating because you want to feel more of a feeling you DO want to feel. 

Always. It’s always this. 1% of the time there may be an underlying medical issue, but 99% of the time, it is a FEELING.

So, what do you do? You follow a really simple 3-step process that gets to the bottom of what’s making it so hard for you to stop. 

If you’re overeating more than you’d like, THAT ☝️ is where I want you to start. DO IT! 

What to Do During the Holidays…

On special holidays, just plan to allow yourself to overeat. But do it in a healthy way by following these DOs and DON’Ts….

DO NOT allow yourself to feel guilt or shame about what you’re eating. Pay attention and ENJOY!

DO NOT give yourself rules that are impossible to stick to, will make you feel guilty and will spoil the fun of the holiday. 

DO NOT try to stick to a diet, count calories, count points, or restrict. 

DO NOT plan to start a new diet right after the holiday, or you’ll definitely overeat. 

DO NOT eat foods that will make you sick, but otherwise, allow yourself to enjoy all of the special holiday foods. 

DO NOT punish yourself the next day or the next week for what you eat. If you listen to your body, you’ll naturally want to eat less without restricting yourself. You’ll also probably naturally want to do more movement because your body always knows what it needs. Listen to your body.

DO! 👍

✔️Eat for maximum pleasure! 

✔️Practice gratitude

✔️Eat mindfully

✔️ Take in the food using your five senses

✔️ Look at the beautiful colors, enjoy the perfectly browned top of the bread, smell all the delicious smells, spend time chewing each bite and putting your fork down.

✔️ Focus on thinking to yourself, “I am allowed to fully enjoy this food.”

✔️ Pay attention to how your body is feeling. 

✔️Which foods are your favorites?

✔️How full is your stomach?

✔️How is your body reacting to the foods you’re eating?

✔️Once you’re full, notice. But remind yourself that you are celebrating a special holiday with special foods and that you’re allowed to take full pleasure in enjoying them. 

If you want to eat a bit more, go for it. Just make sure you’re choosing it CONSCIOUSLY in an empowered way, instead of feeling like it’s controlling you. 

Let me know in the comments which food you’re MOST excited to enjoy this holiday season, and make a pledge to FULLY allowing and enjoying it by finishing this sentence!

“This holiday season I will allow myself to FULLY enjoy _______ and I will eat it mindfully with ultimate pleasure!”

Hugs and High Fives to FULLY enjoying your pumpkin pie,