The Goblin King and Cake Goals

March 05, 2019

One of the questions I get most is “What do I do if I CANNOT control myself around food?”

The answer? Well… you stop letting it have power over you. 

If Sarah can stop Jared the Goblin King from having power over her, then you can stop food from having power over you.​

I’m starting another round of The Devour Life Academy soon, and when I ask my clients what they’re determined to achieve while working with me, they often say,

“I want to feel in control around food. I don’t want the chips/cake/pizza to have so much POWER over me.”

Here are some of the other goals they’ve got for the next 90 days…

If you’re feeling a pull to achieve those same goals, hit reply and tell me which one you crave most.

Which one would make your life just so. much. easier?

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Which one makes you tingle when you think about it being possible?

Hugs and High Fives to Bowie,

P.S. If you did not understand Goblin King reference, then you missed out on the best of the 80s, which is tragic. Go rent The Labyrinth from Amazon posthaste!