The ONLY Way to Stop Bad Food Habits for GOOD

September 25, 2019

Any of these sound familiar? 🤔

✔️ Mindless snacking when you know you’re not hungry 🍕

✔️ Grabbing cookies from the office kitchen and promising you won’t grab another next time you walk by 🍪

✔️ Finishing the entire plate of pasta even though you’re full after eating half of it 🍝

✔️ Looking down after hours of bingeing Netflix and wondering where the entire bag of chips went 😳

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You can absolutely break old habits and patterns, but you’ve got to pay attention to the research showing what actually works, and what doesn’t. 

Otherwise, you’ll just feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. 😫

Here’s what to do if you’re just SO DONE with old food habits you never asked for.

What DOESN’T work…

👎 Downloading a new food tracking app and promising to start Monday. The last one didn’t stop your overeating but this one will DEFINITELY WORK because… well, it just WILL!

👎 Berating yourself about being lazy and having no willpower and vowing to “GET IT TOGETHER” and “REALLY DO IT THIS TIME”

👎 Joining a group doing a diet that’s masquerading as a “lifestyle change” (Keto or Whole 30, anyone?). You’ve never stuck with one long-term before but this time it will LAST!

Yeah. If you’ve tried those, you know they leave you feeling like a failure… again.

What DOES work!

First, let me explain what habits are and where they come from…

→ Habits are made up of actions.

→ Actions are caused by thoughts.

→ Thoughts are STUCK in old patterns because even though they’re not good for you, they feel comfy. They feel like home.

So, to change habits, you’ve gotta get down to the root cause, and get unstuck from the old patterns.

So what do we need to do to GET UNSTUCK from the old patterns, that are causing our thoughts, that are causing our actions, that are creating ingrained habits?

We need to…

Reprogram the mind with new thought patterns…

which leads to new thoughts…

which leads to new actions…

which leads to new habits!

If you just declare that you’re going to change your habits without getting to the root cause of the thoughts that cause them… it’s never gonna work.

In short, you’ve gotta get your MIND RIGHT or you have zero hope of ever changing those deeply ingrained habits.

How to get UNSTUCK…

1.Get to the root cause of the initial thought patterns. (Where did they come from? Why are they there? Are there any ways they’re benefitting you?)

2. Line out EXACTLY what you want your new habits to look like, according to your strengths, not where you feel weak. (So much conflicting information is out there about what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. It clouds your clarity, and reprogramming your mind requires CLARITY about what’s right for you and what you want most.)

3. Reprogram your mind to see the NEW habits you want as comfy, pleasurable, and like home. (Do this via training the mind and reinforcing the new patterns via repetition, meditation, and reprogramming audios.)

💥BOOM!💥 Your NEW habits, the ones you actually WANT, become your new norm! No diets, food trackers, or calorie counting required!

If you want some help getting your mind right and up-leveling your habits, I’ve got a virtual 30-Day Reprogramming Retreat starting on Oct. 7th where I’ll personally take you through the reprogramming process in 30 days! 

You’ll get all the training you need, all the reprogramming audios you need, and I’ll personally help you form your new, ideal-for-you, food habits.

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Here’s to getting your mind right for a whole new YOU!