What If You LOVE Food… a Little Too Much?

June 13, 2019

Do you ever feel like you LOVE food… a little too much?

It feels like a super intense love, right?

I felt it. I’d be sitting at a restaurant, or at home on the couch, and I just. couldn’t. stop. Even when I KNEW I was full and my body didn’t want more. And the rest of the time, 90% of my brain space was obsessed with thinking about… food. 🧠

All I wanted to do was stop thinking about it… but I couldn’t.

Like when you’re newly in love and can’t stop thinking about the other person or when you have to pee really bad and can’t think about anything else until you pee. Like, in that moment you can think about NOTHING else but peeing.

I was like that, except with baked goods.

Using the being in love example and the pee example in the same sentence was a bit weird. But hopefully you get what I’m saying.

My point is that it definitely felt like I just loved it too much. And all I wanted was to be one of those normal eaters. The kind of woman who thought of food casually around meal time but not ALL the time. The kind of woman who could eat and then just… stop.

But I was not that woman.

Ever feel that way? Like you are just so in love with food that you can’t stop yourself?

It may feel like love, but in today’s video I explain what’s REALLY going on (hint: it’s not actually love)… so that you can calm that feeling the eff down and get some peace.


Here’s what I invite you to think about…

When you’re scarfing down goldfish in the pantry does that feel like love? Or does it feel like numbing out?

When you look down and you’ve eaten the whole box of cookies, did you love that experience? That experience that you don’t even remember?

When Netflix asks you if you’re still watching and you look down and an entire bag of potato chips (or ‘crisps’ in the UK 🇬🇧) has been demolished, did that feel like a loving experience?

Is it loving to feel like something has control over you and makes you do things you don’t want to do? Is that love?

When we love things, we honor them. We cherish them. We give them our full attention.

And none of that is happening in any of those examples. You’re not honoring the food. You’re not cherishing it. And you’re definitely not giving it your full attention.

You’re not loving it. You’re USING it. And using something is not love.

If you’re thinking, “Yes! This is so ME”,  then make sure you’ve downloaded my 3 Steps to Totally Lose the Desire to Emotionally Eat, because it’s like an emergency manual in those just-can’t-stop-myself moments.


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So it’s not about loving the food. It’s about food being a really good ESCAPE. ✈️

Food is great at helping you to stop feeling things you don’t want to feel, and start feeling things you DO want to feel.

Food is great for numbing out. Food can make you feel calm, connected, and like everything is ok. Food can feel like excitement, adventure, joy.

So, next time you’re feeling out-of-control because you just LOVE food… ask yourself what you’re eating to escape from. And what you’re eating to feel.

When you start getting those positive feelings (joy, connected, calm, free) from fully devouring your LIFE, you no longer crave food to numb out or to feel.

You’re devouring your LIFE to feel the way you want to feel, instead of just food.

So, if you don’t love food as much as you thought… what is something that you do ACTUALLY love? Comment below and tell me about something you truly LOVE. Something you honor, cherish, and give your full attention to.  ❤️




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