What To Do If You Have Zero Motivation To Exercise

July 01, 2020

How to Find Motivation to Exercise

Last week we were talking about how the changes to the world and all the time at home have led to increased snacking and trips to the fridge. Sound familiar?

Well, what if those extra trips to the fridge is the only movement you’re finding yourself doing in a day? 🙈

Whether it’s because of the stay at home guidelines or just because you’ve got a million other things to get done, finding the motivation to move your body and exercise can be H-A-R-D!

I’ve spent SO much time, energy, and money on a ton of workout programs hoping and believing that something new would give me the motivation because that always works right??? 🙃

What it usually did was lead to me feeling even more defeated and my bank account was getting sad too!

In today’s video, I’m outlining the 5 tricks I used to redefine my relationship with exercise and how you can too!


The Five tricks that worked MIRACLES for me! 💫

🏆 Do the kind that is NOT enough

🏆 Create a NEW relationship (stop caring about calories, shoulds or “burn”)

🏆 Stop calling it exercise (my favorite name is Joyful Movement!)

🏆 Say badass mantras (my legs are so STRONG!, my heart is loving this!, the fresh air feels GREAT!)

🏆 Piggyback it with something you love (podcasts, youtube videos, calling a friend, etc.)

If you’re someone who struggles with overeating and emotional eating, and you wish you could just lose the desire to eat more food than your body needs, then daily exercise is KEY🔑 . 

…But probably not for the reason that you think!

1️⃣ There’s a big focus on exercise in diet culture as being very important for BURNING CALORIES. 

2️⃣ Exercising for the purpose of burning calories is so frustrating that it makes you want to just give up entirely. Have you ever tried staying on the treadmill long enough to burn off the calories from just ONE cookie? It’s so demoralizing.

3️⃣ Research shows that your body naturally becomes more hungry as you increase exercise in order to replace the calories you burn. So, exercising for the purpose of just burning calories is counter-productive.

Just like with food, ditching the body-shaming diet and exercise culture and shifting your mindset around what it means to move your body and deciding what is best for you, makes ALL the difference!

Comment below and let me know if you prefer music, podcasts, or Netflix when working out!