Why #bodygoals is Making You Eat All the Food 😳

June 06, 2019

I remember the days before #bodygoals was even a thing. Actually… before hashtags were even a thing (y’all remember when we called it a pound sign? 😂).

I used to cut pictures of celebrities out of magazines and put them on my fridge for inspiration. My fave picks were Cameron Diaz, whose body shape is the polar opposite of mine to the point that I couldn’t even achieve it if I had a zillion dollars worth of surgery, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé.

I thought that if I saw their pictures everyday when I woke up for breakfast, I’d be “inspired” to eat less and exercise more. Spoiler: It did not work.

Well, it would work for a few days, but then I’d get hangry and take it out on poor Cammy D in her black bikini, ripping her pic off the fridge and tossing it into the recycling bin.

What I didn’t know then is that…

Wishing for someone else’s body is not helpful. Wishing for your body from 15 years ago is not helpful. Wishing to squeeze yourself into a smaller shape to fit society’s ridiculous beauty standards is NOT HELPFUL.

Why? Because it implies feeling ashamed of the body you’re currently in.

The body that allows you to do your work in the world.

The body that walks you through life’s adventures.

The body that carries you to the hospital with flowers when a friend is in need.

The body that is comprised of trillions of miraculous cells that work 24 hours per day to keep you alive, keep you well, and just love the heck outta you. YOU. As you are RIGHT NOW.

We’ve all experienced body shame.

  • The (sometimes) well-meaning family members that update you on changes in your body size as though you don’t know.
  • The constant barrage of ads on how to “snatch” your waist. (Lord, help me if corsets haven’t come back in the form of “waist trainers”. Dramatic sigh.)
  • The magazines that focus less on the miraculous fact that a woman JUST MADE AND BIRTHED A HUMAN BEING and more on the way her body looks and whether it has “bounced back”.


Body shame never helps. It always hurts.

Brene Brown has done extensive and eye-opening work around shame, and none of her research shows that it’s helpful. EVER. It’s only harmful. It’s only damaging.

When you feel ashamed of your body, the natural response is to restrict food, right? Cut calories, go on a “cleanse”, eat less, etc.

And we all know what happens when we try to restrict our food. It works for a bit, and then you get hungry and say “screw it!” and go bananas with all the foods you had previously been restricting.

Then you feel ashamed. And so the whole cycle starts over again. Shame just does not work.

So what does? I made a video all about it just for you!

What works is making how you FEEL in your body, your #bodygoals. Focus on feeling strong, rested, cared-for, agile, energetic, capable, and filled with awe and joy at everything your body gives you.

LOVE UP on that amazing body of yours. Not because of how she LOOKS, but because of what she DOES.

This is important because we tend to take care of the things we love. Think about it…

  • The brand new dream car you saved for? You take care of it.
  • Your grandmother’s wedding china? You take care of it.
  • Your precious new baby? You cake care of him/her.

The stuff you DON’T love, you kinda treat like trash.

So loving your body, as she is RIGHT NOW, makes you want to take care of her.

And how do you do that?

✔️ You put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and thank your body for all the miracles she’s performed in your life. (I mean the biology behind even just walking is crazy complicated… and miraculous.)

✔️ Move your body in ways that FEEL GOOD.

✔️ Let your body tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

If your body is making it CLEAR that you’re full, but you’re still hungry and can’t stop eating, then download my 3 Easy Steps to Totally Lose the Desire to Emotionally Eat!

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Let’s start the body love NOW! COMMENT BELOW and tell me one AMAZING thing your body has done for you, and something you’re going to give her that she’s been craving!

Hugs and high-fives to lovin’ up on your Miraculous Earthly Vessel,

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